A sports day was held on Apr. 24th at the lawns of Kibbutz Ein HaMifratz. Sports day included races in different categories, netball games, rope pulling and soccer. Approximately 160 youth and staff participated. Thanks to all those who assisted in organizing this fun day.

On 09.05.2016

On March 24 we held a very happy Purim party. 200 teenagers from all youth centers attended the party, which included activity stations, a hip-hop dance performed by girls from Kiryat-Bialik center, costume contest and a dance party.
Many thanks to the Ethiopian National Project  for funding the party, to Rafael and bakeries 'Shemo', 'Ariel', 'Greg' and 'Shany' for the donation of refreshments, to Lior and Asi for contribution of falafel balls, to Bank Leumi  branch Sabinia for contribution of photo magnets and accessories.
We are grateful to all those who contributed to the organization of the party and its success: to Rafael volunteers, who operated during the evening falafel, popcorn and cotton-candy stands, to Dana, youth program coordinator, and, of course, to all our youth instructors.

On 10.04.2016
We are pleased to announce that as of September 2015 Hiyot operates three more youth centers in the cities of Beit Shean, Afula, and Migdal Haemek (these centers were operated until now by another organization). The centers are operated by Hiyot as a franchisee of the ENP, in the same format as our centers in the Krayot and Nesher. 

On 25.10.2015
During summer vacation, our youth participated in a special, experiential, and enriching summer program, which included activities outside the centers: film and workshop in Tel-Aviv cinematheque, night tour in Jaffa and workshop at "Please Touch" center, trip to wadi Kelach at Mount Carmel, activity of archery at Bethlehem of Galilee, extreme park, bowling, and fun days at Superland amusement park and Meymadion water park. Summer vacation ended with a great party at the swimming pool in kibbutz Ein Hamifratz.

On 25.10.2015

During summer vacation children of our after-school program participated in a month-long experiential program and enjoyed also outdoor activities: a trip to Naaman River, a play at Haifa theatre, a trip to Tel-Dan Nature Reserve, a visit at the Hecht Museum, and a fun day at Balagan children's amusement park.

On 25.10.2015

During Sukkot holiday our youth participated in a storytellers festival, which took place at Givatayim theater, thanks to a generous contribution of the IFCJ organization.

On 25.10.2015
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